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A Bite of Pittsburgh

In April 2018, the FriendlyPittsburgh team visited 5 local Pittsburgh restaurants, bakery, and coffee shops and created a video series named A Bite of Pittsburgh, which was published through our WeChat Official Account. The name of this series was borrowed from the Chinese documentary television series A Bite of China, which is a show focused on the history of food, eating, and cooking in China, and which quickly gained high ratings and widespread popularity right after it first aired in 2012.

In the first season of A Bite of Pittsburgh, we visited Primanti Brothers, Acorn Pittsburgh, La Gourmandine Bakery, De Fer Coffee & Tea, and Freshii. All of these five stores have their own features and already have their fans in and even outside of Pittsburgh.


Primanti Brothers


La Gourmandine Bakery


Acorn Pittsburgh


De Fer Coffee & Tea




Please find the full videos and stories in our FriendlyPittsburgh WeChat Official Account.

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